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500 Words, the world’s largest story-writing comp for kids is back! We want to bring YOUR voice onto the issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. Submissions close tomorrow at 23:59. For more info and online entry form, please visit: https://t.co/75bDJgaFOX

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pupils having fun and keeping fit whilst taking part in fitness tests at home. We are hugely impressed by their effort and results. https://t.co/jKTv9u69ly


They've saved the best till last on the final day of challenges for National School Sports Week. Who will win the parents vs kids 30 second challenges? Come on kids you can do it! https://t.co/H6MyzjuitE

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Out Now! The new issue of Latitude - The magazine for BMAT Schools, Parents and Communities. Read it online here - https://t.co/aqc2Xy6VVz https://t.co/vQykuMBGEI

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Thanks to our super-talented pupils and wonderful PE Team we have something to celebrate. We have achieved the School Sports Gold Award in Autumn and Winter along with the Gold award for the PE Virtual learning during Covid-19. Excellent news! https://t.co/XhdrcUJBrs


Year 6, don't forget to order your leavers hoody by Friday 26th June.

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It's National School Sport Week at Home 2020 next week! The UK-wide campaign will challenge people to take on their families, friends and neighbours in virtual sporting challenges. Click on the link https://t.co/B8BUPOd68K to be directed to a week of fun resources and challenges https://t.co/a0CBz09kf1

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Would any Cooks Spinney Year 6 parents like to order a leavers hoody? https://t.co/UWBeatJwc9


Remember that you can find your home learning English texts read by your teachers at https://t.co/95flXxDxMX.


Our amazing Primary PE teachers have made some videos to help you keep fit at home! Follow this link to have a go yourself! - https://t.co/d60kd99Ora

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Disadvantaged children have been provided with digital devices and unlimited broadband by their school to enable them to learn at home. https://t.co/gYx4PDbGaq https://t.co/oo3YYN5ZE7


Check out lots of fantastic art lessons from Ms. Clausen available here https://t.co/RAKOT2DJGN

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Our school kitchen has donated its leftover food to the homeless people of Harlow. The catering team at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy were keen to put their food stocks to good use during the Coronavirus lockdown. https://t.co/s9l0xZm5q0 https://t.co/fqfNjx5pPR

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Here is a short message from the Year 6 team to Wolves and Eagles pupils. https://t.co/zhRreYgdxg

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BMAT are looking for community governors to work with our schools based in Epping, Harlow, Stansted (Essex) and Newham (London). For more info and to apply please contact governance.org.uk https://t.co/4PeEmoUn0z


Don't forget to visit our Facebook page to see daily videos of our teachers reading their favourite books! https://t.co/IJEMIKwElI


Lots of new stories to listen to at https://t.co/95flXxDxMX today!


Don't forget to visit https://t.co/XTw2lJcb40 to see amazing art lessons from our fabulous art teacher, Ms Clausen

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Despite fighting for his life earlier this year, John Childs is doing all he can to support BMAT during the Coronavirus pandemic. He was left critically ill in January when a routine operation to remove kidney stones resulted in sepsis and pancreatitis. https://t.co/61UTG7i36g https://t.co/mYwBlpL2th


Find your home learning English lesson texts read by your teachers at https://t.co/95flXxDxMX. Just click on the home learning image, find your year group and listen to the texts. Enjoy. 📚

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Religious Education

RE is taught in three annual modules in years 1 - 6 by class teachers. 

Why is the teaching of RE important for primary schools?

RE gives our pupils valuable insights into the diverse beliefs and opinions held by people today and in the past. It helps with their personal development and supports an understanding of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural questions that will surface again and again in their lives.

Much of the RE currciulum content is also important knowledge to allow pupils to access other areas of the curriculum, in particular, English. For example, in Year 5, pupils study the book Tom's Midnight Garden by Philipa Pearce. Without knowledge of bible stories including Adam and Eve, or Moses and the Burning Bush, this magnificent book cannot be fully appreciated or understood. RE gives pupils key morals and stories that will enable them to access a much wider curriculum.   

What is taught? 

Year 1

Year 1 pupils begin by exploring their own beliefs in the module - My Beliefs. They then take a look at special places for major religions. Finally, pupils study bible stories: creation, Noah's ark and Babel

Year 2

In year 2, pupils learn about the story of Christmas. They are also taught about significant bible stories such as Adam and Eve, The Ten Commandments and The Good Samaritan. Their final module of learning is a look at different religious festivals from around the globe including Eid, Sukkot and Diwali. 

Year 3

Year 3's curriculum focusses on the teachings of Islam. Special places of worship are also studied, followed by the bible story of Abraham. 

Year 4

Year 4 study the life and teachings of Jesus. They also take an in-depth look at the story of Easter. Their final module involves studying the traditions and customs of Hinduism. 

Year 5 

In year 5, pupils study worship and prayer of the major world religions. They also study Judaism and finally, the bible story of Moses.  

Year 6

Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to study the life and teachings of St. Paul. They also look at the bible story: The Road to Damascus. Their final module is to explore the traditions and customs of Buddhism. 



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