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✨ Here’s some of our wonderful choir children singing some tunes at the Christmas Market yesterday 🎄 🎶 pic.twitter.com/0CrOBiW7Fp

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🎅🏻 Thank you everyone who came to see us at our Christmas Market yesterday! What a wonderful way to get into the festive mood! 🎄 pic.twitter.com/On2O5tfgWQ

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Happy Saturday! 🎅🏻 Just a reminder that our Christmas market will be on from 12pm-4pm today!⛄️ Wrap up warm and come and join us! 🎄 pic.twitter.com/gTG3le4gYQ

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🍫☕ Well done to our pupils who celebrated their achievements this week with a hot chcolate with Mrs Wade! Keep up the hard work! 💚 pic.twitter.com/yEIOX1lld9

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🎅 The Christmas cheer continues as Santa arrived at and was greeted with high fives before handing out the presents 🤚 🎁 🎄#SantaVlog pic.twitter.com/gSINBkBXu8

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🎄✨ We are very much looking forward to seeing many of you at our Christmas Market this Saturday! 🎄✨ Today is the last day to buy Santa’s Grotto tickets after school 🧑‍🎄 Raffle tickets will also be on sale today ⭐️ pic.twitter.com/qFPD4qsiYe

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🐰 🦄 Rabbits and Unicorns Class had a great time in PE this morning. They buddied up and worked on their gymnastics skills together! 🤸 pic.twitter.com/G6WDVsiUFj

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❗SCHOOL TOUR BOOKING DEADLINE TOMORROW 12PM 👪 We're looking forward to welcoming families to view our school on Wednesday 22nd November🕘 9:30am, 10:30am and 11:00am time slots available🌐 Book online: https://t.co/OJaHzaR5Wm pic.twitter.com/JxBwJkXD6m

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💛 What a lovely, colourful way to end the week celebrating Thank you for all your donations - we raised a total of £159💛 pic.twitter.com/8salO1jG2t

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❗SCHOOL TOUR 👪 We're looking forward to welcoming families to view our school🗓️ Wednesday 22nd November🕘 9:30am, 10:30am and 11:00am time slots available🌐 Book online: https://t.co/OJaHzaR5Wm pic.twitter.com/JOg7l0O6RU


❗SCHOOL TOUR 👪 We're looking forward to welcoming families to view our school🗓️ Wednesday 22nd November🕘 9:30am, 10:30am and 11:00am time slots available🌐 Book online: https://t.co/XbHt7VeisZ

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🐞📚 Look who’s been spotted in the library! The Ladybirds class love to curl up with good books and good friends. pic.twitter.com/oLhCk5b8nH

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In keeping with , our nursery pupils showed their respect by creating their own poppies 🌹 🪖 pic.twitter.com/75TQjkdySk

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TOMORROW!Open Evening from 4:00pm - 6:00pmWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school pic.twitter.com/wuAhPYJKcv

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TOMORROW!Open Evening from 4:00pm - 6:00pmWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school pic.twitter.com/G1Qub5ggCh

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☕️ Mr Girvan was delighted to be the host for our event, rewarding our pupils for their hard work pic.twitter.com/n73sFHMrGX

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📢 Meet Cooks Spinney's new Head Pupil Team!🤝 Our Head Boy and Head Girl, along with the Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl pic.twitter.com/h3WOMoYCkw

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❓There are still tickets available for our Family Quiz Night this Friday ❗️Children and adults are invited to take part in the quiz and compete for the cash prize!There will be a table of teachers also competing!Tickets will be on sale today in the dining hall after school. pic.twitter.com/wjKniNEubG

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OPEN EVENINGWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school on Wednesday 8th November. The event runs from 4:00pm - 6:00pm pic.twitter.com/oqL4bHi02N


🥁🎹🎤🎸 More rockin' and rollin' with the crew. ⭐️ Stars of the future! pic.twitter.com/VS0zglVdTq

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Year 6 - Eagles and Wolves

Autumn Term, 2023

Welcome back! 

We hope you had a lovely and restful summer break and are ready to start the new half term at Cooks Spinney.

This page is designed to provide you with the information needed to make the year as successful as possible. 

Topics this half term:

English - This half term we are reading Skellig by David Almond. The story talks about Michael, a young boy, who moves into a new house with his family and discovers a strange frail creature in the decrepit, crumbling garage next to their house. Together with his new friend and neighbour Mina, Michael decides to help the creature and slowly discovers more and more about his intriguing and mysterious identity. Through their adventure, which almost seems like a dream, both children’s lives and view of the world is changed forever.

The book Skellig was David Almond’s first novel, published in 1998 and received immediate acclaim. The book won both the Carnegie Medal (1998) and the Whitbread Children's Book Award (1998). Since publication, it has also been adapted into a play, an opera, and a film. 

This year, writing will be taught through The Write Stuff approach by Jane Considine. This method allows pupils to improve their oracy and widen their vocabulary in every lesson, whilst deepening their understanding of writerly choices. 

Mathematics - In mathematics this term, pupils will be looking at:

  • - language and symbols used relating to ratio
  •  - how to use scale factors to solve problems
  • - what algebra is and how to form expressions
  • - when to use substitution and how to write and solve formulae
  • - converting between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • - the relationships and differences between area, perimeter and volume

Key skills (using and applying the four operations for example) will be revised during additional sessions (after school tuition, in class support and afternoon revision activities). 

Pupils will also have the opportunity to try monthly challenges and take part in a variety of TTRS events and competitions. 

Science - Animals, Including Humans

Continuing their work on humans from previous years, students now study the circulatory system, and go into more detail on diet and nutrition, both topics which are vital in biology at GCSE.  

Knowledge objectives:

  • Identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood
  • Recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function
  • Describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.

RE - Humanism

  • - Can I describe what a worldview is and how one is formed?
  • -What is humanism and the main humanist beliefs?
  • - Where do moral values come from?
  • - Who are the most influential humanist thinkers?
  • - According to humanists, how did life begin?
  • - How can I design a symbol to represent a value?

PSHE - How can we keep healthy as we grow?

  • - What can I do to keep active?
  • - How can I make healthy food choices?
  • - How can I look after my teeth?
  • - Why is sleep important?
  • - What influences my healthy choices?
  • - How can drugs affect my health?

History - World War 1

  • - What caused the start of World War One?
  • - How did Britain prepare for war?
  • - Where and how was the First World War fought?
  • - Which advancement in warfare made the biggest impact during WWI?
  • - Why were animals used in World War One?
  • - How did Britain and Europe change after the First World War?

P.E - Activities will include fitness, dodgeball and football. Year 6 P.E days this year will be on Mondays and Thursdays. Your child must wear their P.E. kit on these days to and from school. 

Failure to have it is likely to result in them not being able to participate in the lesson. In addition, children will not be able to participate if they do not have the correct P.E. kit. Please see the school website for more information on the P.E. kit requirements. If your child has their ears pierced, they will be required to either take out the earrings or cover them with tape for the lesson. Please remember Cooks Spinney only allows small stud earrings in school. 

Homework and Spellings 

Homework is an essential part of pupils' learning. This year our homework will set via Class Dojo. This will involve weekly spelling, grammar and reading comprehension activities, which will be set every Friday. In addition, maths homework will be set every Wednesday. Children must bring in their homework books every Wednesday and Friday. If you require a paper copy of the homework, please ask your class teacher for one.

Year 6


Reading is an integral part of Year 6.This year we are having a big push to promote a love of reading across the school. It is very important that you ensure your children are reading on a daily basis, and, where possible, ask them questions about what they have read to support their comprehension. 

If you have any questions or concerns at any point throughout the year, please speak to either your child’s class teacher or another member of the Year 6 Team. 


Yours faithfully, 

Mrs Dackombe, Mr Carr and Miss Whitbread

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