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Congratulations to the winners of the March Maths Challenge-Lewis in Owls & Lainey in Eagles. Here are the April challenges that can also be viewed at: https://t.co/KP0QYbrT2k Children can enter 1 or all 3 of these optional challenges to be in with a chance of winning a prize! https://t.co/dnmMbmhkKo

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BMAT have a vacancy for an Estates & Facilities Assistant working across our Primary and Secondary Schools in Harlow, Essex. For more information visit https://t.co/MNldj0Ml52 https://t.co/ifinsNm5Gg

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Here we have the very first winners of the new ‘Mathematicians of the Month’ award proudly showing off their new badges. Well done to you both! https://t.co/ru6Q4pfqys

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Some fantastic Easter baking going on in the school kitchen today. We think that the children will be looking forward to their lunch today and a little excited to maybe win an Easter egg or bunny! https://t.co/04dM4mclpF

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BMAT has appointed a director to ensure children with special educational needs and disabilities achieve their full potential. Marios Solomonides takes up post of Director of SEND with a mission to remove all barriers faced by children within BMAT schools. https://t.co/jWIcjKLtxl https://t.co/hsWxgX4m7z

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Spring is sprung, Easter is nearly here and pupils have been busy bringing these beautiful daffodils to life with Ms Clausen. https://t.co/TzSu4euwU6

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Would any year 6 pupils be interested in free taster netball sessions at Mark Hall Sports Centre? Please see details below for how to pre-register. https://t.co/GUULZWzimo


A reminder that tomorrow is Red Nose Day and non-uniform for pupils! Let's have some fun and raise money to support people living incredibly tough lives. https://t.co/GL2a6KY0Sf

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Mark Hall Sports Centre

We are looking forward to reopening Mark Hall Sports Centre in line with the lifting of lockdown restrictions. For our full announcement and information on an online public meeting chaired by please visit: https://t.co/SJXzvhi9ci https://t.co/uKAStczrEh

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eSafety workshop with for parents this evening. https://t.co/tkJR9Fzurr

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Young scientists met after school yesterday for their first club of the term. They looked at the centre of gravity and solved the problem of how to get their clowns to balance on a tightrope or finger. Great work year 2! https://t.co/OWFDSYvmYw

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We are so excited to share these pictures of our fancy new posts and our very own sets! We can't wait to see the children putting the new equipment to good use. Our future sporting champions need to practise their skills! 🏹#FutureChampions https://t.co/m8lVubfgIU

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Year 5 have made some hope leaves to go on our tree of hope this week. The class were asked to write down their hopes for the future. The children really enjoyed thinking of the exciting things to look forward to after the pandemic. https://t.co/aPVR4q2USe

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A huge thank you to Mr W-P, a science teacher from Birchwood High School in Bishop's Stortford, for his donation of brand new lab coats. We think our year 6s look super cool in them 😎! https://t.co/vYZe8hv1wB

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Children are being shown how to make their bed, to hoover, set the dinner table and sort the recycling – by their school teachers. Teachers at Cooks Spinney have released a series of video tutorials to help their pupils to develop life skills. https://t.co/HPsDV9sDMF https://t.co/h336QaARRp


We still have spaces left for our September 2021 Nursery. If your child was born between 1/9/17&31/8/18 then they are eligible for a place. Please email nurseryadmin.org.uk to contact us. Click below to see what our Pixies get up to! https://t.co/L8IzVof6Tu

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Year 6 managed to successfully escape from the forest by using their mathematical skills to crack the code. Super six sleuths!🕵️‍♀️ https://t.co/26NLCckTVV

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Monthly challenges are helping children to build a love and talent for reading, writing and maths. Pupils in all year groups at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy are set monthly challenges to give them alternative ways to indulge in the key skills. https://t.co/Op7aa2xKrF https://t.co/f4aaAWTBQe

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Year 6 pupils from Wolves class enjoyed the lovely weather this afternoon whilst reading and colouring in our nature area. https://t.co/Wb2o7yCS2V

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Teachers took part in a classic party game to inspire children to read. As part of , 23 teachers at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy played Pass the Story to capture pupils’ attention. https://t.co/00gqUjNstK https://t.co/WniZmsu7QL

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Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Behaviour & Relationships

Cooks Spinney has four principles for relationships and behaviour which underpin our approach:




Cooks Spinney Primary Academy and Nursery are committed to the idea that every child matters:


  • We aim to encourage a positive attitude to learning within a safe, happy environment.
  • We promote high expectations and enable pupils to become independent responsible learners.
  • We encourage a sense of respect for our community and our environment.
  • We believe that clear, consistent routines and systems are essential to support children’s development and ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in our school community.
  • Cooks Spinney and BMAT are committed to the prevention of all forms of bullying – This is outlined further in the BMAT Behaviour policy and BMAT Anti-bullying policy available here - www.bmat-trust.org/ 


Restorative approaches encourage pupils to think not only of the consequences of their behaviour on themselves, but also to consider the impact of their actions on others. The process at Cooks Spinney is based on four questions, which staff have on their ID lanyards for reference:



These questions also form the basis of our ‘Reflection Sheet’. Pupils are asked to complete refection sheets following incidents.


Restorative processes do not shy away from applying consequences, such as loss of privileges, but focus on the need to take responsibility an find a constructive way forward for all concerned such as a sincere apology followed by an act of kindness.  


It must be remembered that pupils will not be ready to engage in reflection until they are in a calm state. To help pupils return to a calm state, staff avoid raising voices or passing immediate judgement. Staff remaining calm will enable pupils to return to a calm state much more quickly; then the reflection and learning process can begin.  


At Cooks Spinney, pupils should always have the opportunity to reflect on their actions without judgment. They are then given the chance to put things right through mediation and discussion.


The impact of this approach is evident in the relationships forged throughout the school. The strategies involved, which include active listening, respectful discussion and taking ownership of issues, result in a positive ethos.


At Cooks Spinney, staff are nurturing, responsive and reliable to pupils. By building positive relationships with pupils, staff can: raise self-esteem, deal with unwanted behaviour in a constructive and non-confrontational manner, and help pupils feel valued and secure. 


Bruce Perry (2017) states – ‘The more healthy relationships a child has, the more likely they will be to thrive. Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.’


Routines allow our pupils to feel secure and safe. Research shows, when children feel secure and safe, they are more resilient and able to cope better with stress. Cooks Spinney promotes routines across the school day including the use of visual timetables in every classroom.


At the start of the school day (an important time for pupils to settle), Cooks Spinney uses a securing routine of; register, free breakfast, daily mile and assembly before the main lessons begin at 9.30am. For most pupils, this routine adds to their feeling of security and will proactively reduce stress and anxiety which may lead to unwanted behaviour.




Effort points are rewarded at the class teacher's discretion for children making a positive move forward in their learning or behaviour.


Teachers are responsible for keeping a record of effort points awarded for each pupil and updating pupils on their progress.


Effort points are converted into Pips. Pupils are rewarded stickers by their Teacher or Head Teacher for each Pip.


Three Pips lead to an Achievement Apple (a pin badge pupils can proudly wear on their school uniform). 


Achievement Apples (in the form of pin badges) are awarded in Friday's Achievement Assembly and families are invited along to share this special award. Peers are invited to stand up and tell the whole school why the person deserves their apple.  


As a guide, apples are generally awarded in the following year groups, however this will depend upon behaviour and attitude to learning for each individual pupil:


Reception – Purple Apple

Year 1 – Yellow Apple

Year 2 – Orange Apple

Year 3 – Green Apple

Year 4 – Red Apple

Year 5 – Silver Apple

Year 6 – Gold Apple (+ Privilege Card for exceptional behaviour)




  • 3 x pips awarded by the Teacher leads to a sticker 1, awarded by Class Teacher.

  • 3 x pips awarded by the Teacher leads to a sticker 2, awarded by Head of Key Stage.

  • 3 x pips awarded by the Teacher leads to a sticker 3. At sticker 3 – the pupil comes to the Head Teacher to receive a Sticker 3 and an invitation to receive their apple pin badge.

  • An invitation is sent home to parents, via the child, to come to the Friday achievement Assembly for the presentation.


The system repeats itself so there are 3 stickers throughout the year (roughly one per term), leading to the next colour apple, finally to the golden apple, by Year 5 or 6.


Once a pupil has achieved a golden apple, they are entitled to earn, via three more pips, a privilege card from the Headteacher. 





Although our main form of reward and recognition is effort points, we allow teachers the autonomy to manage their classrooms in the best way they feel meets the needs of their pupils. Therefore, you may see teachers and support staff using ‘in-class’ systems such as table points, notes home etc.


Each week, the school praises children for effort and hard work during Friday’s Achievement assembly.


Children are chosen by staff to receive awards for the following:


  • School Values Award (Gold Book)
  • Achievement Apples and Privilege Cards
  • Golden Sentence Award
  • Pen Licence Award (KS2)
  • Any sporting awards (presented by the PE Team)


A 'Class of the Week' award is also given to the class walking around school sensibly, lining up quietly, and displaying acts of the school values. 

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