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Follow the art tutorial below to draw Ray the Pilot Snail! And then tomorrow morning at 9am Ms Pearce will be sharing the story of Ray with you during assembly. We would love to see your finished snails! https://t.co/1iEgrrZr3Q https://t.co/lBGpXp9NH3 https://t.co/N639eOhlJT

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We always have to make the most of the snow when it comes and build the obligatory ! ☃️ https://t.co/ijxeHLKOKe


- Tuesday 26th January Mr. Stirrat is bird watching today. Can you spot some of the birds he's mentioned? All of our assemblies can be viewed at https://t.co/N639eOhlJT https://t.co/BjZuh9s1zh


Good morning Year 3. You can now listen to Charlotte's Web at https://t.co/95flXxDxMX. Find it in the Home Learning area. Get warm and comfortable and enjoy! 🤓😀

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Who knew that musical could be so much fun! https://t.co/oUVi7Jcxfa

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It's challenge time again! You can use some or all of the numbers below. You can divide, add, subtract or multiply. The only rule is that you must reach the sum of 24. Let us know how you get on by posting your answers below. Good luck! https://t.co/oRAuV34lzv


Year 6, enjoy listening to your new set text Fire, Bed and Bone as read by the fantastic Mrs Povey at https://t.co/95flXxDxMX. You can find all the chapters in the Home Learning area. Enjoy!


Assembly with Mr Beaumont - Monday 25th January https://t.co/4pDfJ67Mx0

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A sweet way to the end of the week with marshmallow ! They look good enough to eat! 👏👍#sweettreats https://t.co/z8CJhivVqO

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Paignton Zoo

🌟CALLING ALL TEACHERS AND HOME-SCHOOLING PARENTS🌟 Next Friday 29th January at 11am, we'll be presenting our SECOND 'school from the zoo' short lesson! The lesson will explore ADAPTATIONS. Please see our website to find the full info and how to join in: https://t.co/1aSMjmEjU9 https://t.co/3KFwQROAnh


Hello Year 4. Mrs Brennan has recorded the first four chapters of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe for you to listen to. Go to https://t.co/95flXxDxMX!

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Could this be our Mr Carr putting on his best book face? https://t.co/NJz9FX8Sjx


Assembly - Friday 22nd January Mr. Stirrat is feeling adventurous today and he thinks you'll be amazed to hear about some of the places your teachers have visited! https://t.co/TLJe3qp6nW

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Our challenge of the day! How many different ways can you get to the total of 24 using the numbers below & any or all of the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division? Post your answers below if you're feeling brave! https://t.co/bPLTTq75n3


- Thursday 21st December Miss Wade takes us back in time to when she and some other people you may know were much younger! https://t.co/rq8KWNB24k

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It's not always easy to get out in the fresh air especially on a day like today but, If you're looking for ways to keep active, why not try some of these free resources for some stay at home P.E. fun! https://t.co/FYGafl3wLf


Ms Clausen has added 2 language tutorials to the school website https://t.co/HsKTO5FTj7 You can remind yourselves how to say in French what pets you have and you can practise your Spanish vocabulary for parts of the body whilst doing some fun moves at the same time. Have fun!


Assembly - Wednesday 20th January Ms Pearce tells the endearing story of little Gertie that teaches us all to celebrate our own unique talents! https://t.co/c3h83DPb0N

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Our sibling group had so much fun today learning about the mummification process as part of this weeks Ancient Egypt topic. https://t.co/LpNpPWcfAL

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Spinney Life Skills Challenge 2021

During this time where we are all at home, why not learn some new life skills?

Do you fancy learning how to use a hoover, or helping prepare dinner?

We have set a Spinney’s Life Skills challenge for you all to try!

Please dowload the Spinney lifeskills challenge at the bottom of this page and see how many you can do! 

The teachers will also be getting involved with this so please keep an eye out for daily videos of them practising some of these skills.

We would love to see how you get on so please share any photos of you doing these challenges on our posts on social media!


Day 1

Make your bed                                          

Day 2

Tie your shoelaces                                      

Day 3

Make a sandwich

Day 4

Tidy your bedroom

Day 5

Write and post a letter to a loved one

Day 6

Help write the shopping list                         

Day 7

Help with the washing up after dinner                                        

Day 8

Learn to tell the time using both a digital and analogue clock  

Day 9

Bake a sweet treat

Day 10

Learn to stitch a button

Day 11

Learn how to zip up your coat

Day 12

Set the table for dinner for your family

Day 13

Learn how to use a hoover

Day 14

Know who to call in an emergency

Day 15

Learn to fold clothes

Day 16

Mop a room in your house

Day 17

Follow a recipe

Day 18

Help with the laundry

Day 19

Try a new type of food

Day 20

Read a story to a family member


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