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Luckily there were no icebergs in our way! Titanic WOW day. https://t.co/Ka1MhB0ZM2


Year 6 WOW activity 3: testing our boats. Will they float? Which boat will float the longest? What design works best? https://t.co/LdeH6ypvo1


Year 6 WOW activity 2: making our boats from recyclable materials. https://t.co/4ulefQMuwI


Year 6 WOW activity 1: designing our boats. https://t.co/k25afSCuEc


Year 6 have taken over the maths lesson! https://t.co/DJdoMr9O5X


Ed has made some new friends today in Ladybirds https://t.co/AhRWuyi4F8


Cooks Spinney Primary Academy & Nursery Retweeted

A brand-new newspaper has been launched in Harlow…by school children. Pupils at Primary Academy have launched the Spinney Star to share news from their school and neighbourhood. https://t.co/xT6SmsUDtZ https://t.co/5uqxZ5K2Dw


All hands on deck getting the Reading Eggs and Mathletics passwords ready for the whole school https://t.co/NywEz8StpM


Miss Dackombe still smiling even though she still has a couple of thousand more books to scan for Junior Librarian https://t.co/iqnm2PghWb


Ed is hanging out in Ladybirds again today! https://t.co/RQXGwaOiqU


Our Year 4 pupils enjoying creating characters from Iron Man for their Wow day https://t.co/exzyqVak2Z


Round one of the Football Cup 7-aside competition was held on the 30th of November at Harlow FA Stadium. Cooks Spinney played three games. We won 2 and drew one and went away feeling positive from an all round great team performance. https://t.co/qzOuDJLnL6


Our Newspaper Group interviewing Robert Halfon MP re potential closure of Mark Hall Library at The Stow. They received tips on how to keep it open and how to get a career in Politics. https://t.co/efZR9FtnUc


So proud of our younger pupils today in this morning's Nativity performance. https://t.co/PXmNsN27Cj


Ladybirds have found Ed the Elf on the shelf today stuck on the clock! https://t.co/bHhiZ7Mw4i


The Spinney Book Swap Shed is now open. Children can bring books that they have read and swap it with one from the shed that they would like to read. https://t.co/KF8J57JI8i


Please come and help yourselves to a free dictionary from our school reception. First come, first served. https://t.co/YbfBOjcVej


The Dogs Trust visited our Year 5 children today to encourage positive attitudes towards canine welfare. The children had an interactive lesson to learn all about dog safety and responsible dog ownership. https://t.co/BbIdg4xuju


Readers of the Week. Well done! https://t.co/jZ5JNV75n4


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Nursery & Reception - Pixies, Sprites and Unicorns

Dear Parents / Carers,

The children have had a very enjoyable week in the Early Years Unit and I am very pleased to say that all the children have settled into class routines and they have started to make new friendships.

Lunchtimes are going well and all the children seem to be enjoying eating their delicious lunch together.


The children have bought home a letters and sounds pack for you to share, if you could practice learning these sounds at home and once they have learnt their sounds they will progress on to learning 3 letter words (CVC) to blend together.


It would be very much appreciated if you found time to read with your child and practise their sounds daily as this reinforces their learning from school. Could you please ensure your child has their reading / letter and sounds pack in their book bag every day.


Reception classes will be bringing home literacy and numeracy homework every Friday, this is a lovely activity for you to share together at home and it reinforces their learning from school. Can you please ensure homework books are back in school by Wednesday so they can be marked and be ready to go out on Friday.


Sprites Class PE days are Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon

Unicorn Class PE days are Monday afternoon and Thursday morning

No Toys

Could children please refrain from bringing in toys from home as they can get broken and lost.

Drinks bottles - Could you please ensure drink bottles are named and are not be put in book bags as they sometimes leak and the books get spoilt and could you please ensure it is water only in drink bottles.

Talking to the teacher

EYFS encourage parent teacher dialogue but if you need to speak to the teacher for any length of time could you please mention it in the morning and the class teacher will meet you after school - Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.

Pixie Class

It has come to my attention that some siblings are banging on the tunnel while waiting for afternoon Nursery children to leave – Could you please encourage your child/ children not to distract the young children when they are lining up, as we are trying to establish routines and good practice for the children to follow.

Toilet Training  

Could all parents work with children to encourage toilet training as this develops their independence while at school.

Winter is upon us

It would be greatly appreciated if you could practice with your child putting on and taking off their coat as some children find this task difficult. 

Thank you again for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns. Francesca Harris EYFS Director and all the EYFS Team

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