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Learning about co-ordinates doesn’t have to be boring, let the battle commence https://t.co/2AnCI2Zevk


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talking to our Year 6 about a career in journalism followed by a grilling from the Newspaper Group https://t.co/bEDm02hBlf


Cooks Spinney Primary Academy & Nursery Retweeted
Jamie Johnson

Fantastic morning talking to Year 6 and the very impressive Newspaper Club. Best of luck with the launch of your first edition! https://t.co/B0d4zUlcqy


talking to our Year 6 about a career in journalism followed by a grilling from the Newspaper Group https://t.co/bEDm02hBlf


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Fantastic training session tonight with our primary family Advanced training coming soon!


Year 2 Wow Day preparing to slay the dragon and celebrating the United Kingdom https://t.co/s7BGqjWlyJ


Having fun on Christmas dinner day https://t.co/HutBdL41pB


The kitchen team doing an amazing job of serving Christmas dinner to the hungry children https://t.co/ZHMVSGcBI6


Erin with her cherished letter from JK Rowling ⁦ https://t.co/y9tvncwHJk


Ed has been cheeky in Ladybirds and eaten some of the sweets https://t.co/OKUyuyn0KE


Ed has been showing of his elf Christmas skills https://t.co/QkFNsWjmn6


Our Carol Concert is now underway. Don’t forget to buy your your tickets for the hamper raffle https://t.co/I4SmnUvIL9


Fred from Canine Concern, listened to some of our students read today. Students were able to practice the skill of reading, whilst building self-esteem, and associating reading with something pleasant. https://t.co/V5yAf9WSv5


Our Choir had an amazing day today singing Christmas Carols at Harlow Rugby Club https://t.co/xA2S3imo0l


Wolves’ class elf has left the shelf! https://t.co/B7SICPpGLC


Luckily there were no icebergs in our way! Titanic WOW day. https://t.co/Ka1MhB0ZM2


Year 6 WOW activity 3: testing our boats. Will they float? Which boat will float the longest? What design works best? https://t.co/LdeH6ypvo1


Year 6 WOW activity 2: making our boats from recyclable materials. https://t.co/4ulefQMuwI


Year 6 WOW activity 1: designing our boats. https://t.co/k25afSCuEc


Year 6 have taken over the maths lesson! https://t.co/DJdoMr9O5X


Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the statutory framework that all early years settings must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well.  In school this refers to both the Nursery (Pixie class) and Reception (Gala and Pippin class).  It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children are ready for school and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.

The revised framework for the EYFS has been implemented from 1 September 2012.

The framework can be found here Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - Schools.  We teach this framework through topics that excite the children; we gather their ideas through mind-mapping and plan according to their needs and interests. 

Cooks Spinney Primary offers a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society. Our curriculum prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in the 21st century. Our curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils. The national curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum. In addition to the national curriculum, we make provision for a daily act of collective worship and teach religious education, personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and sex and relationships education (SRE) to pupils at every key stage.


The Early Years curriculum comprises seven areas of learning covering each Early Learning Goal (ELG). To reach a Good Level of Development (GLD), pupils must achieve at least expected levels in the prime areas and in literacy and mathematics by the end of the Reception year.

The prime areas of learning:

  • communication and language     
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development


The specific areas of learning:

  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design


Characteristics of effective learning:       

  • playing and exploring
  • active learning
  • creating and thinking critically


Assessments are based primarily on observation of daily activities and events. Teachers and EYFS co-educators note in particular the learning which a pupil demonstrates spontaneously, independently and consistently in a range of contexts. Accurate assessment takes account of a range of perspectives including those of the pupil, parents and other adults who have significant interactions with the pupil.

For each ELG, teachers and EYFS co-educators judge whether a pupil is meeting the level of development expected at the end of the Reception year (expected), exceeding this level (exceeding), or not yet reaching this level (emerging).



At Cooks Spinney, we set high expectations for every pupil. We plan challenging work for pupils whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard. We carefully plan lessons for pupils who have low levels of prior attainment or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We use a range of assessments to set targets which are deliberately ambitious.

All pupils are valued and are entitled to equality of educational opportunity. We take account of our duties under equal opportunities legislation that covers race, disability, sex, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, and gender reassignment.

We work with families and specialists to identify pupils who may have special educational needs, some of whom also have disabilities. Lessons are planned to ensure that there are no barriers to every pupil achieving. The SEN Code of Practice includes advice on approaches to identification of need and outlines what needs to be done for them.

With the right teaching that recognises their individual needs, many disabled pupils may have little need for additional resources beyond the aids which they use as part of their daily life. We plan lessons so that these pupils can study every national curriculum subject.

We take account of the needs of pupils whose first language is not English. Monitoring of progress takes account of the pupil’s age, length of time in this country, previous educational experience and ability in other languages.


For more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum please make an appointment with our Head of Early Years - Francesca Harris on 01279 437590

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